10ml Essence full-body whitening chicken skin repair essential oils remove dead skin goose bumps pimples folliculitis


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Product Name: remove chicken skin oils (essential oils cured goose bumps) 

Ingredients: lemon, geranium, grape seed oil, white willow extract, witch hazel leaf extract and other herbs and refined. 


a prominent anti-oxidation, anti-free radical action, nourish the skin, strengthens capillaries, enhance skin metabolism, promote cell growth, can effectively inhibit ichthyosis, psoriasis, skin roughness, Mao and Zhou keratosis skin disorders problem, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, repair hair follicles and eliminate the pigment, reproduce light and tender muscles. 

Suitable for: all skin types, especially psoriasis, goose bumps, dry eczema, and other skin spots. 

Usage: night after cleansing the skin, apply to skin a little massage until absorbed last. 

Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes, prohibit oral, pregnant women, disabled, women’s menstrual caution, do not let children touch. 

Storage:  Do not discard the carton proposal, stored in a cool dry place.



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